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Our Prices


£1000 - £1500

These hearing instruments are beneficial for those with quiet lifestyles. They will help those who spend most of their time in one to one situations or watching television. These hearing instruments generally will have limited noise reduction and will usually involve some manual control. They also may have limited styles.

Essential +

£2195 - £2595

For those who require hearing instruments that help with day to day communication and situations that have minimal background noise, our essential plus range are a great affordable solution. They are designed for those who need to hear conversations in daily situations such as in the supermarket or on the street.


£2795 - £3195

Our Advanced range are designed for those who need to hear well in a range of everyday listening situations such as conversations in a busy café or in a small group.  Features include automatic programs and moderate background noise reduction. Typically wireless meaning that they will connect to a range of additional listening devices aimed to improve the quality of the Television or Radio through streaming.


£3495 - £3695

These hearing instruments offer premium sound quality for listening in group situations or for those who enjoy listening to music. At this technology level, the hearing instruments are designed to work together to deliver superior noise reduction in challenging situations. The devices also communicate with each other to automatically adapt to best fit the listening environment. They are designed for those who struggle with conversations in busy coffee shops, restaurants or when attending group meetings.

Premium +

£3795 - £4195

For those who want to hear well in ALL listening situations and want the very best in technology, our premium plus range delivers unrivalled hearing performance in the most challenging of listening situations. These hearing instruments are designed for those with demanding lifestyles who need to be able to hear well in the work place, in meetings or large social gatherings. They use exceptional noise reduction technology and are fully automatic ensuring that wearers experience the very best speech clarity.

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