Frequently Asked Questions


"How can I recognize hearing problems?"

Most of the time hearing problems begin gradually, without discomfort or pain. What's more, family members often learn to adapt to someone’s hearing loss, without even realizing they are doing it. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine whether you have hearing loss:
If you answered yes to several of these questions, chances are you do suffer from hearing loss.

"Does hearing get worse with age?"

Loss of hearing is something that is associated with getting older, and it's a natural part of the ageing process. But your family and friends will notice hearing loss - whereas in fact, if you wear a hearing aid, no one will notice at all. And for most people wearing a hearing aid enables them to get on with their life.

"How do I know that I'm visiting a specialist?"

Bhavika is a BSc qualified Audiologist who graduated from the University of Manchester. She is registered and governed by the Health Care Professionals Council. At Tailored Hearing Solutions we are not limited to any time constraints. We can take the time to get to know our patients individually and provide a solution to fit their every need. All this, mixed with our state of the art practice, ensures you’re getting the best quality care possible.

"Aren’t there negative connotation with wearing a hearing aid?"

We all have preconceptions about hearing aids: how much they cost, how big they are, how uncomfortable they are to wear and what other people will think of us for wearing one. But the truth is, hearing aid technology has developed so much in recent years that most of the things we know, or think we know, are simply not true. Hearing aids are comfortable, discreet, and often unnoticeable

"Aren't hearing aids ugly and uncomfortable?"

With today’s technology, hearing aids are slimmer, lighter and more discreet than ever before. As for being uncomfortable, our hearing aids are custom made to you ear, ensuring your hearing aids fits you perfectly.

"Does wearing a hearing aid mean you are deaf?"

Hearing aids work by enhancing your existing hearing, so you need to have some level of hearing for an aid to work. And just as we all have different prescriptions for glasses, we all need different kinds of hearing aids and different levels of assistance. At Altrincham Hearing Centre we will work with you to ensure you get the right hearing aid for your needs.

"Will wearing a hearing aid make my hearing worse?"

Most people experience changes to their hearing in both ears, but some people buy only one hearing aid due to the cost, which can mean the other ear overcompensates and deteriorates as a result. We always check both ears to guarantee we provide a balanced solution for you and your ears.

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